7 minutos French Valerie Dumaige, editorial director of the Arthaud, designed the original set of atlases of all types: from countries that no longer exist, lost cities and deserted islands. But among the 11 titles already released in France stand a very special, Atlas Paradis des Perdus, veteran journalist and award-winning author of fantasy Gilles Lapouge the corresponding state for more than six decades, since 1951. Kimbo Slice dead at 42   Andy Scott 2 years ago The famous street brave and mixed martial Continue lendo

9 minutos What is the reason of some laws to be ignored for centuries, after you have enjoyed the month and it was crucial at the time? Author of four seasons of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi, is the case-reduction. Had to wait nearly two centuries, since his death in 1741, replace them in the party between 1933 and 1939 in the Italian town of Rapallo promoted by the poet Ezra Pound. The worst fate befell Georg Philip Telemann (1681-1767), which still even today remains Continue lendo

7 minutos A new study revealed that 8 out of every 10 Americans fear democracy in the country two-thirds believe that the democratic system is weak. Research commissioned by a bipartisan group of democratic project, which involves former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Joe Biden. The longest presidential campaign in United States history that began in 2015, the new in the political discourse of the American words, many believed to belong to the past. Especially two words loaded with fear the Continue lendo

5 minutos The first to open one of the last to be closed, Dachau concentration camp, 17 miles northwest of the city of Munich in Bavaria, was one of the most terrible Labs torture and death of Nazi Adolf Hitler. At 12 years of age between March 22, 1933 and April 29, 1945, it housed thousands of political prisoners in occupied Germany. +The philosopher explains the return policy of the fascists in the United States +The Jewish be saved from the Nazis with the Continue lendo

7 minutos Hidden secrets buried in popular ads Peru staff @Peru Get out the tinfoil hat because your psyche is under the influence of alcohol. Marketers love to court your subconscious. There is no shortage of commercials that were designed to grab the lower part of the brain. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? FedEx You will start with an easy one. The FedEx logo is considered one of advertising’s all-time greats. The message is subtle, clean, and craft. The white space between Continue lendo

7 minutos James Allison (left) and Tasuku Honjo (right) (the Nobel Assembly/Niklas Elmehed/detection) That the human has appeared on over 250 thousand a year, and spent the greater part of them without anything like a hospital. If we’re here because we came up with the ready relief to the world’s most efficient factory-installed: the immune system. Our white blood cells, the defenders of the microscopic size, holding almost any step from the flu to malaria. But not able to protect us from cancer. Why? Continue lendo