Romeo, the toad, the most solitary in the world, now he has a girlfriend

the Frog

(Robin Moore, Global Wildlife Conservation/run)

Another version known from the species means to live in the center of attention: the world knows you exist and protect its existence at all costs – after all, if something happens to you, it was already. But this is not enough to ward off loneliness. A good life in captivity can last for years, but it will be incomplete without the opportunity to build a family and move to the front of the army.

This is the dilemma that Romeo has faced over the past decade. Taken as another frog-water-sehuencas (Telmatobius yuracare) of the planet, was caught is still a puppy in 2008 in the area of threatened forest. Since then I put the legs outside the district center in Bolivia.

It is true that the staff of the museum Alcide d Orbigny of Natural History, where he lived Romeo, so I tried to help, and a glimpse of the amphibians alone in a dating site “I’m literally the last of a kind… this is why I’m here – hoping to find the perfect pair and thus save the women”, says in the description of the account.

It was a joke, of course, but the initiative to draw attention to the issue. After a campaign to raise $ 25 million in donationssent to you from 32 different countries, it was possible to finance the scientists for an expedition in the forests of Bolivia, who knows, to find true love “Romeo”.

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The search was a shot in the dark. Since when did a species that was described in 1998, and classified as vulnerable to extinction on the report of the International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2004, I don’t know how many of the women remain. The good news is that the campaign occurred, succeeded, and found not one, but five other frogs-water-sehuencas. Two of them were female in the age next to the handsome Romeo.

Chosen, how can that be, his name was Juliet. And the official Twitter of Romeo frog is more closely related to the social networks that already the news, lost no time in celebration of the possible match.

My Juliet found!!! After ten years of being in the world alone the Frog, I’m lonely no longer! Thank you @Global_Wildlife and @MuseodOrbigny is the Find My Lost Love. What a wonderful day! #Match4Romeo #ConservationOptimism #love #SehuencasWaterFrog #JulietFound #HappyDance

— Romeo the world alone frog (no longer!) (@romeothefrog) January 15, 2019

It is hoped now that the love of Juliet Romeo be able to save the species. But as created by Shakespeare was to face the impossible love, a pair of amphibians also will have to overcome the differences.

In an interview with the BBC , Teresa Camacho Badani Alive Museum Alcide d Orbigny Natural History, who led the campaign Cupid’s description of the male as “very quiet and comfortable.” “He enjoyed good health, but shy and slow. Juliet, however, is the opposite. “Future partner, on the other hand, has a personality somewhat different from the (hopefully) future husband. She was very active, often swimming and eat a lot – and sometimes you try to escape.”

According to non-governmental organizations World Wildlife , the population of frogs water natural from Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru face a significant reduction in recent years. Question to have its origin in the combination of a number of factors: climate change, habitat degradation, pollution, introduction of invasive species which consume the eggs of amphibians, especially a fatal disease caused by a fungus: chytridiomycosis. It is estimated that it took from the map, the left or endangered species, other than 200 species of amphibians around the world. The fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis causes changes in the skin of the animal, making it more difficult operations such as absorption of water and other nutrients.

Juliet and other frogs found in the bathroom now comply with the quarantine period, to ensure that is contaminated with naturally – thereby permanently spoil the chances of Romeo to find his partner. After that I hope that the old saying is also worth to amphibians and opposites finally attract.

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