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As a writer writes may be considered part of literature? Letters records under this component in production? Hilda Hilst (1930-2004), which has now released correspondence seen before with the writer and artist Jose Luis Mora Fuentes (1951-2009) – letters to future generations – News published in the newspaper of Campinas Correio popular (1992-1995) – collect in drums and caresses – allows us to discuss this topic.

+Hilda Hilst and often ignored aspect of metaphysics

+Book combines the memories of the editor of Kafka, Pasternak, Calvin, and other

The overall look of Hilst because of the needs of the destination, Paraty, it’s custom. Respect is due to youth Sponsored by Josélia Aguiar, who since last year has gone to honor the writers who in life on the margin, such as Lima Barto. The feast after his death, after sitting bait custom images to them in life, is the account with the memory Literary the country. Two books Hilst thing to bring such a case: the book of the chronicles in the internal newspaper after writing a business recognized by critics throughout a career of four decades can be an exciting challenge, but can also be the result of lack of material, as you can read out loud your author in his correspondence.

Published letters between Hilda Hilst and Maura Fuentes is one of love, is an important event not only for readers alike. It is also an important document live a part of the cultural and social life in the two decades of 1970’s and 80’s covered by the cards: are numbers such as editor Massao Ohno artist. Cavalcante writer Caio Fernando Abreu, and Fuentes read the work, Hilst. There are also the facts that the charge of living author: Fuentes is divided between the review of technical books production covers the color of the frames to write fairy tales, the treatment of the kidneys and I hope that their financial situation will get better.

The game is a tangle of the terminal, both connected over the years through strong relationships. They were living collectively in the House of the sun between end of 1960s and beginning of 1970s. In the beginning Hilda was married, but after Fuentes, and she had a romantic relationship. The game marks the end of a relationship, when you move to Sao Paulo. The complicity but is maintained throughout the year, including the desire of the partners to one another, do not be jealous do not mediate the relationship between the two.

On missivistas show your face more than local. Hilda drew attention to the language of childish sometimes, but also don’t anguish with regard to aging. In one of the most touching of the book, and so raw your body: “now there is a crust of yellow on the teeth at the convention, sticky sombre green azinhavre cover by the Ivory alvíssimo of teeth at the age of adolescence, the smell of the morning more repellent, eye stare big fuss hard gray cascudas and harsh wrinkles around mouth curly, estertor, nausea, hair of straw, Pierce, finally, only the breast is still alive by some miracle, still standing, biquelhos pink” (30/7/79).

Readers, will be grateful to the marginal comments about the books he writes (especially the obscene Madame D and letters from a seducer). There are two moments: the first is dealing Hilst with the military dictatorship, at the time of trying to stage verdugo in São Paulo, says: “we’re going to have problems with censorship because of anything that speaks directly to the man to be human the text to the best area of awareness is always controlled” (6/11/1975). Another section is the genesis of an important step: text the Vajra of 90 at the end of 1988, the regret: “I walk a lot without the grace of thinking that everything has ended and nothing else is there to do wrote it beautifully and now I’m just mui their country only known en mi casa” (8/12/88) in the same sentence, tell about the idea of divertidíssima it was early in the morning and that will led to the paragraph of incest. Set the rules from the following books, book Rosa de Lori Lamby and letters from a seducer. Special message, because the author had the possibility to quit writing and start something new. Prevails in the “save-through the text. Continue continue continue to.”

In such a context, the beginning of the 90 years in the writing Hilst the petition again-if the public is that if it gives the first appearance of the cable. Their records are published mostly on Sundays. In a way, Hilst says the situation in Brazil. Glorified, pragueja to work followed in counterpoint confusing, quote the passages that are more lyrical in the literature. Definitely one of the moments that his work was generalized since the circulation of his books rarely exceeded a thousand copies.

In chronic devastating “we’re dogs, Brazilian-zombies” Hilst says the fact after having been ignored by the Brazilian delegation in the pavilion of the Frankfurt International Book Fair, 94; and then he cites the passage of Anatol Rosenfeld who says it is one of the rare writers with the “outstanding results” in the narrative prose in poetry in the theater. Then make a list of people and things that have been sent to the exhibition, which concludes bitterly: “why didn’t he say a picture of the only book in the world, Brazilians who in life are definitely considered dead?”. Letters and see the author allows us to see the framework offered by Hilst to the work itself. In certain moments, these texts appear to be part of the literature.

*Wilson Alves-Bezerra, professor of Graduate Studies in literature from Ufscar

Maus sinais no Ashton Kutcher e Mila Kunis’ casamento

Bad signs in Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
más relações no Ashton Kutcher e Mila Kunis


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Eles começaram a namorar durante o divórcio de Ashton

Bad signs in Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
más relações no Ashton Kutcher e Mila Kunis

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