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At the end of each year is the same thing: get-togethers in the home, Christmas parties and choosing a “word of the year” dictionaries of the council. Much more than just a word or term that seeks to represent that which marked the year as a whole — and this choice can cause reflections and even ‘controversial’.

Two cases exemplify this: in 2015, the famous Oxford Dictionary (edited by the University of the same name) controversial choose a word from theemoji of crying laughing‘. Many linguists did not receive the right resolution, claiming that it was an insult to the alphabet. Already in 2016, the choice sparked thinking: the same dictionary has chosen the term “post-truth” word of the year. This term, which was until then known, refers to something very current: the era of “post-truth” in personal beliefs have more weight than facts.

Now: 2018. Choose just one word to achieve this year should be a challenge, sees a number of key events: the growth of the wave with the governor of the world (in Brazil with the process of electoral polarization), a large number of complaints of bias against women came to the fore, the book exposed the province to the US President Donald Trump and your advisers, not even Germany gave a performance at the World Cup. Dictionary Oxford Tan: word 2018 “toxic”.

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Toxic, English, it also means the sky. “Originally the use of war to refer to the toxic substances, ‘toxicity’ was present in the discussions about the health of our communities and the environment,” said the press release announcing the selection. A concrete example of that this year was the debate about the toxicity of plastics: the World Environment Day organized by the United Nations in 2018, has put this question to the main topic, there was a strong wave of the world through the use of a plastic straw , for example.

Despite the importance of the war, was also of the versatility of dogs that have been tested: “of toxic air’ to ‘policy toxic’, and the scope of its application in 2018 has become a “toxic” option we have the word of the year (…). This year more than ever I think people are “toxic” to describe a wide variety of things, situations, fears, events.” Still according to the announcement, the term “pitched to the field of the magazine, as people sought word to describe places of work, schools, cultures and relations of tension”.

In the video below, you can check the ads and more about these uses, not war.:

Oxford word of the year 2018. pic.twitter.com/DotlZxxJVe

— Oxford Dictionaries (@OxfordWords) 14 November 2018

According to the University of Oxford, the candidates for word of the year from data collected through a broad program of research languages, including the Oxford Group, A group of substances extracted from the 10 of thousands of sites forming a block of text with 150 million words. Sophisticated software allows experts to identify new words and popular, the study of the changes in how more words “old” and the property is used.

“Toxic”, which was an increase of 45% from the searches in the dictionary the British in the year 2018, selected from among the several other words from a large list of selected data. One of the other strong candidates was controversial “incel“is short for “involuntarily celibate,” which refers to a group of men who feed on hate for women because they don’t want to have sex with them.

In fact, the chief editions of the dictionary of American Katherine Connor Martin, “New York Times” that the committee of the university we consider appropriate “masculinity toxic” word of the year. “Manhood” is the second word most linked to “toxicity” in the elections in 2018, second only to “chemicals”. But the committee chosen by the page unit, in order to shed light on the broader use of the term.

But he wasn’t the only British institution that arrested the summary of 2018 the famous dictionary online Dictionary.comword of the Year “wrong information” (disinformation), which makes reference to the year of fake news; the Collins Dictionary chose “once used” (to use one), and remember how to use the products to “available,” use once and throw the Rose in 2018. All these words illustrate: this year hasn’t been easy.

Work in the Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus suggested that the Parliamentary Joint Committee on intelligence and security can be considered a third way between Peter Dutton‘s call not to recommend the issuance of the law immediately and without delay the draft law with more consideration.

At the conclusion of the hearing on Monday, Dreyfus asked for its opinion on the possibility of allowing agencies to counter terrorism jobs to earn new powers for help in gaining access to telecommunications, but not other agencies.

He noted that 21 agencies the power to intercept communications, but not all of its counter-terrorism functions, such as anti-corruption bodies.

The head of Internal Affairs, Michael Pezzullosaid the change will require adjustments to the selection of other agencies, and discussion is likely to “return to the same point of principle” when I looked at their powers at a later date.

“If that’s what the committee decides … it’s not a complex formulation did not,” he answered.

The Liberal chairman of the committee, Andrew Hastie , Memoirs of the interception agencies also need the authority of the anti-spyware.

The committee then adjourned to consider whether the draft law is urgent to expedite its consideration of

The possibility of the minister of Education noted evangelical freeze without technical expertise in the area of concern to the educational community. After that the president-elect Jair Jair bolsonaro pulled the teacher’s guide Mozart Neves, featured names such as the lawyer William Schelb federal deputy Izalci Lucas (PSDB-DF), both well-known defenders of the school without a party.

Izalci is also the author of one of the projects in this theme. Name Schelb moved Jair bolsonaro today and appealed to the evangelical pool.

“It is wrong to use the doctrine of ideology as a guide to public policy. This is more perverse still in education because it can destroy generations,” says the director of the Center for excellence and innovation in the educational policies of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Claudia Costin. Indicate that you need a technical framework for the Ministry of education, to understand why Brazil is in a situation in which it is.

Claudia was the education director of the World Bank, minister in the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the Ministry of education in Rio. “I don’t want to exclude anyone, but you can’t set the problems of education of the alleged damage. If this was easy to solve. It is much more complicated, goes the little craft and vocational training institute, the status of the work by the results we have obtained from international assessments of students”.

She lamented the decline Jair bolsonaro in relation to Mozart. “We are not a religious state, a name may not be rejected by the body of religion.”

A nanny of one of the largest private schools in São Paulo, which struggled for Jair bolsonaro, who asked not to be named, said that the state that the connotation Schelb would be a mistake “serious”. “If he was to appoint someone connected to this war (the school without a tip) all teachers will unite against. Delivery of gold to the United States”, completed.

The Brazilian Association of private schools (Abepar) released the note also criticizes the withdrawal of the reference of Mozart. The text says that this is “a big step backwards if the holder of MEC is the name of a stranger to the area education, which is the result of political choices and ideological, tend to defend theses reactionary, outdated and questionable, as is the case in a school project without a party”.

Representatives of some of the finest schools in the private sector, this would bring “a period of severe turmoil in the academic and educational, with a loss to the students and teachers of public and private education”. The note also says to Mozart, “enjoyed wide acceptance in the academic and educational” and “exceptional work” in public life, in addition to having the “capacity for dialogue”.

Chairman of the movement all for education, Priscila Cruz, he also talked about the disappointment with the withdrawal in relation to Mozart. “Has all the characteristics of a good minister,” he says. “He has a great capacity for expression, of leadership and of the fetus from the completion of high school education in the state of Pernambuco, the stars in the country today, was the first to say this is the way to go.”

No school non-party may not be the subject of education in the country, this is a fringe debate. “This is a program that is not compatible with the other tasks that we need to do because the teacher should be an ally in the implementation of the policy and not the persecution of a person.”

At Semesp, the largest entity of private universities in the country, also released a message that “appeals to the account of the president-elect” to “review criteria”. Note knows support the name of Mozart to take over the Ministry of education, and expressing “concern that the choice does not depend on the technical aspects”.

Name Schelb was transferred the same day, Jair bolsonaro, who said he had a conversation with the prosecutor. And she said sources close to the transition team, reported that the evangelical pool also has a deputy Izalci this product.

See the full text of the note Abepar:

The purpose of the names bandied about for the position of Education Minister in the next government, the Brazilian Association of private schools (Abepar) proposes that the future owner of the domain is the name of the technician, the charge is broad acceptance on the part of the major education institutions of the entities that are most representative in the sector.

The Ex-president of the University Mozart Neves Ramos, for example, enjoy wide acceptance in the academic and educational special acts taken in the course of public life and the ability to dialogue as shown in the different positions.

We can say that Brazil need to name the content in front of the Ministry of education to join the educational sector and the sum of the forces that lead us to overcome serious problems in the country in this area.

On Abepar think a big step backwards if the holder of MEC is the name of a stranger to the area education, which is the result of political choices and ideological, tend to defend theses reactionary, outdated and questionable, as is the case in a school project without a party.

We believe that if you choose to change is the name in this line, most likely we face a period of severe turmoil in the academic and educational, with a loss to the students and teachers of public and private education.

In these circumstances, we hope that the new government comply with some of your actions in the area of education, taking into account the real interests of the country, acting with self-confidence and intelligence, seeking to spread peace in the society and the continuous improvement of the quality of National Education.

Abepar – Brazilian Association of private schools

22 November 2018

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