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French Valerie Dumaige, editorial director of the Arthaud, designed the original set of atlases of all types: from countries that no longer exist, lost cities and deserted islands. But among the 11 titles already released in France stand a very special, Atlas Paradis des Perdus, veteran journalist and award-winning author of fantasy Gilles Lapouge the corresponding state for more than six decades, since 1951.

Kimbo Slice dead at 42


Andy Scott 2 years ago

The famous street brave and mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice died 6 June 2016 after he entered the hospital earlier that day for unknown reasons, TMZ reported. 42.

Partner’s death was confirmed by Bellator MMA president Scott Coker. “We are all shocked and the devastating and sudden loss of Kimbo Slice is a beloved member of the Bellator family,” Cox said in a statement. “One of the most popular MMA fighters ever, Campo was charismatic, larger-than-life personality that transcend the sport.”

According to TMZ , the partner admitted to a hospital near the Coral Springs, Fla. The area in what was described as a “dire situation.” The cause of death is unknown at the time of writing this report, but the police said no police investigation, and no foul play is suspected, according to The Associated Press.

Partner headlines earlier in 2016 after failing a drug test related to Bellator 149 directly won in February 2016. According to MMA Fighting , provided “as a result of positive steroid nandrolone and also a rise in the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio.” ESPN said partner paid $ 2500 fine and agreed to a one-year license revocation in the state of Texas. His win overturned to a “no contest” situation.

Slice is scheduled to fight at the O2 in London in July 2016.

Burly man who was working as a guard on the Gaza strip-club as a bodyguard for a pornography company rose to worldwide fame in the early ’00s, no YouTube videos. According to the New York Times, “the signature look of gold teeth, abundant beard and bald head—along with his undeniable charisma made him instantly recognizable to fight fans gave him a popularity that surpassed his fistic abilities. Bar has become well-known like internet brawler that moved to regulate mixed martial arts, becoming one of the most famous and important, if not more accomplished.” Slice competed on the reality competition series The Ultimate Fighter in 2009 and was a little in the 2012 action film The Scorpion King 3 Battle for Redemption.

“Outside the cage was in a friendly, gentle giant and devoted family man,” said Cox. “His loss leaves us all with very heavy hearts, and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Ferguson family and all of the Comboni friends of the fans and his teammates.” He is survived by six children, according to The Associated

+Inspiration “dinosaur park”, a book Arthur Conan Doyle takes place in Brazil

+, ‘Adam and Eve like the story of all’, says the American critic

At the age of 95, Jill, a regular contributor by the way, releases a book about utopia, about the millions of real or invented by men, whether English lord Osgood, who in the 18th century created the garden of Eden is very personal, or the American Walt Disney, who tried to include the child’s imagination invention Disneyland.

Generation is, above all, poet. However, the curious soul to the press made by the revival of a Lost Paradise not only of the Lord Osgood as the Champs Elysees imagined by Henri Racine de Monville also in the 18th century, a kind of amusement park had surrendered to the French Revolution. In Chinese temples rubbed shoulders with Gothic churches and landscape of the entire world can fit in the garden of paradise (Le désert medieval de Riz) entered with nostalgia by the Surrealists, and finally rebuilt by Malraux when he was minister of culture in 1965.

The way in which the Lord Osgood planted at the end of the 18th century was even the garden of Eden, indeed, Paradise (the root of the derivative of the Persian Paradise Garden) aimed at the integration of nature in different places of the world. Osgood is the import of the land of Ireland, eucalyptus, Tasmania and jewels from all over the planet. Monville, who was also a man in the world, has made her wild. local “the sum of all the landscaping, all the civilizations,” as pointed out by Lapouge in a great book, which urgently needs to be translated in Brazil.

In fact, Brazil consultant in one of the many stories, of the colony in Sicily, which was established in the country by the anarchist Giovanni Rossi with the support of D. Pedro II. Ross will appear, according to Lapouge, that Chaos system will be appropriate to establish a paradise on Earth: a society without oppression or hierarchy based on freedom and respect. So why is it not working? Through this registration, which was intended to be the antidote to the poison of bourgeois society, not turned to heaven, but purgatory? Authors conclusion: the city of inclusiveness Ross is not the invention of Aden, only saw that the family can be hell responsible for the failure of paradise.

Paradise still, according to Lapouge to transform themselves into prison, sometimes literally, as was the case of Fontevraud the largest monastery of Europe in the 11th century, transformed into a prison by Napoleon. In other cases, what appears to be a true paradise, as was Tahiti the Gauguin – don’t spend hell as well as of the panic of the new Cítera have nothing. This paradise died when he discovered the law, order, decency, corruption and banks. The time of the ingenuity of paradise, mixed Lapouge only.

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We all know that this was in the works. The future of media-on-demand / digital, not HD DVD or Blu-Ray. Everyone knows that this is true. And now Netflix has officially announced that it will offer internet and on-demand movies. No, this is not a lame movie download service like the ones I’ve seen in the past. This is something that will revolutize the way you watch movies.

After two years of development, Netflix’s Watch Now service will launch with more than 1, 000 movies and TV titles, which they say is roughly the same amount the first time it’s DVD by mail service in 1999. Remember the days of those plastic disc? I remember those days when you had to buy or rent a physical thing to play movies or music?

It is very clever. They are offering the service to subscribers any additional fees. The average subscription is $17.99 a month will now receive 18 hours of movies online per month in addition to three DVD at a time plan.

Disney is holding out, but most of the major studios on board. I wonder if Disney had something to do with Steve Jobs and iTunes? No!

Participants must download the browser small (which they claim will take about one minute with a cable connection). They claim that after clicking on the title for the movie will start playing in less than 20 seconds. Users will be able to pause, rewind and fast forward. No lengthy download times.

But what about picture and sound. Well it of course will vary depending on the internet connection. Netflix claims that almost DVD quality can be suspected with a 3MB per second connection.

All we need now is a set-top box, and Netflix will destroy blockbuster. But unfortunately this won’t happen any time soon. The companies plan to integrate such a device in the TiVo and put in the queue. I wonder why?

If you don’t have the Media Center PC may take some time for this to catch on. One must wonder if the new Apple TV product will integrate with this service. I’m guessing not because it is inconsistent with the motives dictated by Apple’s iTunes Movie store.

But I think the big deal out of this announcement is the On-Demand movie rentals with a subscription model. That’s right the wave of the future.

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