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The first to open one of the last to be closed, Dachau concentration camp, 17 miles northwest of the city of Munich in Bavaria, was one of the most terrible Labs torture and death of Nazi Adolf Hitler. At 12 years of age between March 22, 1933 and April 29, 1945, it housed thousands of political prisoners in occupied Germany.

+The philosopher explains the return policy of the fascists in the United States

+The Jewish be saved from the Nazis with the arrangement of marriage in the book.

Opponents of the regime, resistance fighters and clerics of different sects, communists, homosexuals, the disabled, and Jews superlotaram 30 pavilions built in an old grist mill to become a model for other detention centres. Heinrich Himmler is there training, before become powerful and cruel of the separate racial policy of the Nazi era. Twice also there are the project leaders of the genocide, such as Adolf Eichmann and Rudolf Hess.

From 1938 he started his arrival in Dachau, the first of the Catholic priests. Of the total 2720 before sending them to the field, 1.034 killed until 1945 at the end of 2.* The first World War. Fell sharing parents from Austria and from other cities of Germany, the former Czechoslovakia, France and other countries, most of them from Poland. Is the story of these prisoners to journalist Guillaume Zeller’s account in the book of funeral of parents published in 2015 in Paris, launched in Brazil by editora contexto. Zeller is the director of the canal+ television network, the French, the author of the Oran 5 July 1962, the war in Algeria.

It is an accurate account, with names and dates of the certificates description of the suffering imposed on prisoners. The two of them, Pierre Metzger and Mr Pierré survivors of the chamber 26, where there were priests, at the top of the list of thanks and appreciation from the author to the people who collaborate in the edition of the suite parents. In addition to the codification of testimony about the horror of Dachau with the shock of realism, Zeller makes the analysis of the relations between the Catholic Church with the Nazis since before Hitler’s control over the party and Germany on 5 March 1933. The German bishops supported the regime from the beginning, but changed position to assess the risk of their faith.

The Vatican signed an agreement with Germany after four months, with the pretext of avoiding the hardening of the Nazi government. The church received assurances of respect and love, because that would leave any political activity.

The secretary of state of the Holy See was at that time Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, who was apostolic nuncio in Bavaria and then in Berlin. The future Pope Pius XII was very recriminado, and his beatification process seems to be stuck in the Vatican because of his position of the tax germanófila. In our favor, and the fact of having written in 1937 a large part of the encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge (concern) of Pope Pius XI, against Nazism.

The priests were arrested and tortured due to the presence of the protection of the Jews. On the night of the crystals, when the Nazis invaded the homes depredaram the shops of the Jews, father Bernard Lichtenberg was mentioned in the Church of Santa Edwiges Berlin: “outside the church is burning, but it is also the House of God.” Adopted in October 1941, died on 5 November 1943, during his transfer to Dachau. In 1994, was recognized “Righteous Among the nations” memorial of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

In Italy invaded by the Germans in July 1943, after the defeat of fascism Mussolini, 28 priests had been deported. Dominican friar Giuseppe Girotti was sent to Dachau, where he died, on the protection of the Jews, providing false documents and hiding places. Recognized as “Righteous Among the nations” in Israel, and his decree of beatification signed by Pope Francis in March 2013. A suits of the Saints is to study several cases of beatification and canonization of religious concentration camp Dachau. Some of them can be canonized and join the Polish Saint Maximilian Kolbe, the German Saint, Edith Stein the Jewish convert of the martyrs of the camp Aushwitz, Poland.

Good Morning. Theresa May about a round of morning interviews she will be asked about the plans announced overnight to stop EU workers priority post-Brexit immigration system.

Here is an excerpt from the party press.

Prime Minister Theresa Maytoday set out details of how Britain to regain control over borders and reduce immigration to sustainable levels through a new post-exit Britain.

In the largest shake in the contracts of highly skilled workers who want to live and work in Britain will give priority while low skilled immigration will be the limit.

There will be one new immigration system that treats the same European Union non-European Union countries.

And the United Kingdom are looking at the introduction of the SWIFT system of the portal of electronic visa checks of tourists and visitors coming to the country for a short stay business trips of all low risk.

This confirms what we said after the Cabinet signed this plan on Monday last week.

But it is still not clear whether the EU client can provide investments as part of after leaving Britain business deal.

Here is the agenda for the day.

10 a.m.: hearing on “a stronger fairer United Kingdom”, with speeches from ministers, including David Gauke, the minister of Justice, Sajid Javid , Minister of the interior.

1 pm: Boris Johnson speaking on the sidelines of the event.

2: its “high-quality public services”, with speeches from Damian Hinds, Minister of education, and Matt Hancock, the minister of Health.

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